Not all those who wander are lost
Have the strength to be true to yourself even if you don't know who you are yet - Paulo Coelho
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I want to cover the walls of my home with books even if I don’t have time to read them, I want to write the stories in my head bursting to come out to life, I want to throw a dart on a map and travel to that unknown place, I want to talk to strangers and know their life story and tell them mine, I want to take my camera and capture all the things that fascinates me, I want to jump out of a cliff and paraglide, I want to dive into the deep sea and observe the beings that are beyond my imagination, I want to do everything and nothing.

Most of all I want to overcome my fear so I can do all I want to do.

Some random things:

Smell of rain, books, travelling, globe and maps, chocolate, ice-cream, writing, nature, stars, INTP, Physics, superfast car chase, football, stories, day dreamer, procrastinator, music, family, obscure words, fantasy, rock, drums, quotes, freshly  cut grass covered in dew, animals, forest, life, national geography, hugs, sunlight, coffee, comics.